Formats & Versions

What video format is right for me?

AngelHouse Media offers video files for download in Windows Media (WMV), MPEG1 video, and recently, Quicktime Movie (MOV) formats. We strive for the highest quality playback and image in every format.

If you are using Windows, we recommend WMV format unless your software does not support it. This format usually has smaller files and is ready to play on Windows XP.

Quicktime Movies are recommended for Macintosh if your software supports it. They can be played using Quicktime Player which is standard on Mac OS and can be downloaded for Windows from the Apple website. The files are usually slightly larger in size than WMVs.
MPEG1 is a traditional file format compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X. It usually has considerably larger files than WMV or Quicktime, but runs with most software packages.

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